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To install this application you will need the Adobe Flash Player

To download, just click on the install button above. When the installation window pops up, just click “Open” (or “Save” if you would like to install later). This should automatically begin your installation process!


GOOGLE CHROME USERS: There is currently an issue with using this automatic installer in google chrome. If the button below fails to work properly please install by manually installing Adobe AIR from this address: Then install PatternFile by downloading and double clicking the following file: PatternFile 1.1.7

ATTENTION MAC USERS: You may have to manually install the Adobe Air Runtime in order to run this application. If installing with the badge below does not work by itself go to this address: and install that first. If this happens to you or if you experience any other installation errors or annoyances, please let us know in the forums.

IF YOU CANNOT VIEW THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON ABOVE: You may have disabled javascript or do not have Flash player installed. To install manually, first install Adobe Air by visiting the following link: Get Air. After installing Adobe Air, click on the following download link, and when the file has downloaded, open it with Adobe Air: DOWNLOAD LINK

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