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Searching the Pattern list

What is PatternFile?

PatternFile is a dynamic multifaceted sewing pattern organization software with social networking abilities*. With PatternFile, you can quickly and easily add sewing patterns to your collection. Searching patterns is instant and type-as-you-go, like many popular websites.

What is PatternFile Plus?

PatternFile Plus is an inexpensive subscription add-on to PatternFile that gives you access to our servers for exciting features like automatic pattern data entry (photos, descriptions, yardage text and more) for man popular patterns, a friends list and the ability to view and discuss your friends patterns and much more. You’ll also get access to project sharing and mobile phone applications as soon as they’re ready!

PatternFile sewing pattern editing screenshot

Editing a Pattern

PatternFile and PatternFile Plus for Only $14.98

For just $4.99 per month you can add a PatternFile Plus subscription. For a limited time, you get $8 off the purchase price when you subscribe, so you actually save money by subscribing. Get a coupon code on our Facebook page during March, Craft Month for another 10% off! Get PatternFile and PatternFile Plus today.

See the videos below for more information on these, and other exciting features. Don’t forget to check out our upcoming new features, which all PatternFile Plus subscribers will receive at no additional cost.

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Add and save sewing patterns in your PatternFile

Add new sewing patterns to your collection with a click of a button. Include the pattern number, manufacturer, images, yardage notes and more. With PatternFile Plus subscription membership, adding new patterns is even easier. For most major manufacturer sewing patterns just enter the pattern number and PatternFile will automatically fill in all the details!

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Quickly find patterns in your collection

Pattern search is instantaneous. As you type, PatternFile searches across all of the data and quickly shows you just the patterns you are looking for. PatternFile Plus subscribers can scroll down to see what sewing patterns their friends have that match the search terms.

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See what patterns your friends own.**

PatternFile Plus subscribers can add friends to their account by user name or email address. Then, they can view their friends sewing pattern collection on the Friend Detail page, and see their friends patterns in the main pattern search. See your friends comments about a pattern before buying a copy for yourself.

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Easy pattern log editing

Easily edit the patterns in your collection and add important personal information. You can note the condition of your sewing patterns, what size they have been cut to, and where you are storing them so you never have to dig through boxes again.

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Purchase Patternfile

Free updates through version 2.0 of PatternFile

PatternFile Plus Subscription benefits include:

  • Auto fill makes entering patterns fast and easy!
  • See what patterns your friends have
  • Automatic Pattern Backup -- Your patterns will be automatically backed up, so if you get a new computer, your patterns will come with you automatically!

For a limited time subscribe when you buy and get $8 off

60 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee: We want to make sure you are truly satisfied with PatternFile. If you don’t find the software useful for your needs, we will refund your money within sixty days of purchase, no questions asked.

Coming Soon:

  • Mobile App for iPhone, IPad and Android! -- View your pattern collection at the fabric store! Do you already own that pattern? And how many yards of fabric do you need? Now you know.
  • Projects! -- Link your patterns with fabric and notions images to create a project. Post updates, include photos, and post your progress on Facebook!
  • Rate patterns -- give patterns a one to five rating and note their difficulty. View your friends ratings in PatternFile Plus.

*only available with PatternFile Plus subscription

**friends must also have a PatternFile Plus subscription to view their patterns

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