Company Background

Morgan Buck

Morgan, founder of Vespertine Software, LLC and lead developer

The PatternFile project started when her partner, Mackenzie, was sitting in  our living room organizing her collection of over a hundred patterns into pattern file boxes and listing each pattern on the outside of the box with a permanent marker.  She turned to me in frustration and said, “Can’t you just write me a program to search my patterns so I know what I own?”

I went online to see if there were other products that would work for her needs before starting hours of programing.  But there wasn’t anything with all the features she was asking for.

After talking with friends who were also hobby costumers and seamstresses, it seemed like organizing patterns was a daunting task for everyone in the sewing community.  So PatternFile was born.

And the project has grown from there, with lots of feedback from seamstresses of every level.  Some of my early testers got slowed down entering the huge number of details that are needed to really describe a pattern.  I watched as they went to the pattern manufacturers website and dutifully transcribed details, copied photos and more.  That was when I realized … there was no reason why PatternFile couldn’t do that for you.  The friend sharing features proved themselves when Liz went to visit a close friend of ours who is getting married.  Liz was helping out by making dresses and accessories for the bridesmaids, and rather than bring her entire pattern collection, she could just hop onto our friends copy of PatternFile and show her all the details of her patterns there.

With Vespertine Software, LLC I have tried to create a company that functions a bit differently than most of the software companies for hobbies like this.  So much of the sewing software I reviewed in my research was either half built or really outdated.  From the installation to the search functionality and the automatic updating, PatternFile is different.  We’ve created a program that is designed to be modern and intuitive, to grow with the hobby and to adapt to the way its users WANT it to work.