PatternFile Auto-fill with Vintage Patterns

Retro and Vintage Sewing Patterns

Photo by AForestFrolic on Flickr

Our current database of vintage pattern information includes 5022 classic patterns.  Almost all of them include yardage text or legible back envelope scans, so you’ll have the yardage info for these patterns at the click of a button!

Our vintage pattern collection includes patterns from 1930 to the present from Simplicity, Butterick, McCall’s, Vogue and Advance.

There will be a small update to the PatternFile software today, as well.  This will include improvements to the display of auto-filled patterns and will also add the decade to the tooltip when you mouse over auto-fill search options.  This is really helpful because most manufacturers re-use numbers frequently, and the decade display will help you determine which pattern is the right one despite the small thumbnail.

There is one small bug you should all be aware of.  When autofill completes with vintage patterns (or any pattern with only one photo), you will only see the thumbnail of the photo in the main photo view, and yardage text may remain hidden even though this information has been successfully collected from our servers.  Don’t worry, after saving and closing the pattern, all of this data should appear, and if not it will definitely be there the next time you run PatternFile.  We’re working on fixing this bug, but may not get a fix out to you all today.

Hope you enjoy!  Now our focus shifts to improving performance in the main PatternFile application for those of you with large pattern collections and to the mobile applications, which we are very excited about!

Happy Filing!!!!!!

About Morgan

Morgan is the owner of Vespertine Software, LLC and the lead developer of PatternFile 1.0. She's developed mobile phone interfaces and databases for Fortune 500 companies but left that and founded Vespertine Software, LLC to build software that she could be passionate about. Morgan is a self-proclaimed geek and her hobbies include costume, live action role playing, guitar and Kung Fu.


  1. Jacki says:

    so, what about vintage patterns we’ve already entered, but have no scans? Is there a way to auto fill those? or do I have to start from scratch and just delete the ones I’ve already entered?

    • Morgan says:

      That’s a really good point Jacki. We will try to implement a feature to add photos from the database to a vintage pattern you have already entered. I can’t make any promises yet, but hopefully we can roll that into an update for early next week.

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