• Whats Next?

    The next release will include an image optimization extension for PatternFile that will help with doing batch optimizations on your image files.  We expect that this will help with load and sync times for many users, as well as decrease the strain on your hard drive and on our servers.  

  • PatternFile Update 1.1.7

    PatternFile 1.1.7 contains several highly requested user features as well as minor bugfixes and improvements.  Major changes include:   Pattern Sorting: You can now change the sort order of your patterns.  Sort by date, number, name, manufacturer, category, size, condition or location. CSV Export: You can now export your pattern collection to a csv file […]

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    Get PatternFile on your Mobile Device!

    PaternFile Mobile is on both the Android and iTunes markets. View your entire sewing pattern collection on your computer and your phone or iPad! View your PatternFile sewing pattern collection while on the go, at the fabric store or at pattern sales. Search your custom tags and view images and yardage information saved in your […]

  • Retro and Vintage Sewing Patterns

    PatternFile Auto-fill with Vintage Patterns

    At long last, our first batch of vintage, retro and out of print patterns is available for auto-fill in PatternFile! This wave of patterns includes 5022 classic patterns. Almost all of them include yardage text or legible back envelope scans, so you’ll have the yardage info for these patterns at the click of a button!

    Our vintage pattern collection includes patterns from 1930 to the present from Simplicity, Butterick, McCall’s, Vogue and Advance.

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    Searchable Sewing Pattern Software

    No more wondering what patterns you own and which box or drawer they are located. PatternFile helps you keep track of the location and condition of the patterns you own. Use the search feature to find your sewing patterns quickly by typing in search terms just like using the internet. With a PatternFile Plus subscription, you can also search your friend’s sewing pattern collection.